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We live surrounded by the noise of the extreme left and right despite the fact that both poles are only a small minority of real life New Yorkers. I believe the way forward for us is electing candidates who have an open mind, who focus on the solution, who want to listen to people and who are willing to  proceed in a pragmatic way to focus on common sense priorities.

Quality of Life
Street Safety
Migrants in NYC

Quality of Life

Across NYC, our quality of life has declined and we need immediate action under a big tent that utilizes common sense policies over partisan talk. We need to get back to a situation where we can send our children to school on the subway without worry, where we can claim our sidewalks back for pedestrians, where toothpaste is not locked up.

  • Police misconduct is never okay and we need to invest in training our police force which cannot be done by defunding the police. 

  • We need to ensure that there are teams of mental health professionals, drug treatment experts, and advocates for the homeless working with our police officers to ensure that law enforcement officials are not forced to deal with these potentially dangerous situations.

  • We need to reexamine bail reform to ensure that repeat offenders are not treated the same as a one time petty theft situation.

  • We need to prioritize hiring of police officers so we can make up the shortfall we are currently seeing. 

  • We need federal funding for in-patient treatment because upwards of 25% of our homeless population is estimated to suffer from some sort of mental health issues.

  • We need to invest more in sanitation to ensure clean streets. 

Street Safety

The ever increasing number of E.bikes, scooters, delivery services and street vendors in NYC make street safety an increasingly important issue that must be addressed urgently.

  • All e-bikes and scooters need to be licensed and regulated. 

  • Speed limits for these micro mobility vehicles need to be strictly enforced with heavy penalties for exceeding them.

  • All delivery companies must be mandated to have road safety and traffic laws training for their employees and/or contractors.

  • Vendors that obstruct sidewalks, building and subway entrance must comply with regulations related to street vending. Leaving equipment and goods overnight is a source of creating unsanitary conditions.

Migrants in NYC

America needs and benefits from immigration. And no migrant, even if undocumented, should be mistreated.  But no country in the world has open borders and our current situation, without federal help, is fiscally unsustainable for NYC.  

  • We need an enforceable border policy that vets and fairly determines who enters the country. 

  • For those who are here already, we need to advocate for immediate work permits so they can be contributing members of our economy.

  • We need robust and clear communication between federal, state and local agencies to ensure appropriate sharing of the financial burden.

  • Emergency contracts given without non competitive requests for proposal for the care of new migrants in NYC over the past year need to be audited to ensure proper utilization of funds.

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